Saturday, October 15, 2016

Death Note

Death NoteLight Yagami is a top student, but he switches his priorities when he finds himself in possession of a Death Note, a journal used by Death Gods that causes the death of anyone whose name is written in the book. Armed with the notebook, Light begins to rid the world of criminals by writing their names inthe Death Note, slowly bringing crime to a halt. However, his anonymous rule, with the pseudonym of Kira, has brought about the unhappiness and suspicion of the government. In order to track down Kira/Light, L Lawliet, the worlds greatest detective, is brought onto the case. From here the series goes through twists and turns as a psychological thriller, keeping readers eager for more of the chase between Light and L, both masterminds and men with strong ideals and methods. The anime and manga series is very short, but packed to the brim with content. There have been several live action adapions, as qell as companion films. Definitly a series every anime lover should watch.