Saturday, October 15, 2016


Image result for amnesia otome animeOriginally a visual novel otome game, Amnesia was finally adapted into a series. The series begins with the unknown heroine, who wakes up with no memory of what happened to her, and a spirit named Orion. As she goes through the motions of her daily life and interacts with various men, she finds herself starting relationships with one of the,, dying, going to a new timeline and starting a new relationship with a different one. With no recollection of what happened and why she's continuously going through time, she attempted to piece together her life. Amnesia is a really awesome anime with an amazing soundtrask, as well as stunning designs. The character clothing and eye colors are defintly what drew me into the series, and the fantasy romance mix is what keeps me there. The series ends on what seems to be where you could continue with a specific character route if you were playing the visual movel game, so if you find yourself wanting more you can also endulge in a engaging otome game as well.

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