Sunday, October 23, 2016

One Punch Man

OnePunchMan manga cover.pngEvery hero has his moment of glory, and his moments of defeat. A heroes drive is based on his passion to protect those he cares about. And in times of hardship, when all hope is lost, they have to use their willpower to defeat the enemy. Well, except for Saitama.

Saitama, after awakening his passion for justice, trained so hard that he became bald. He's now the strongest hero in the entire world, and can defeat all of the various monsters and villains that appear with a single punch. But with his great power, comes great boredom. When you can beat even the highest class of threats with incredible ease, life becomes pretty mundane. He tries to find strong opponents to battle with, but they all are destroyed with one punch.

The artwork in the anime is so fluid and incredible, and the facial expressions are very neatly done. Saitama generally has a plain or blank look on his face, but then there are times where his expression will be perfectly detailed. The comedy and ridiculousness of the interactions between the different heroes, it adds so much flavor to the show. It really puts a spin on the normal hero genre, in essence going backwards. Instead of starting from the bottom, Saitama is at the top in terms of power, although in terms of respect and recognition he's below rock bottom. A definite must see, no matter what genre of anime you generally like.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

In Honor of SHELTER

In honor of the incredible short music video SHELTER, the Anime Society will be changing their theme and background to reflect SHELTER.


SHELTER is a short, six minute video filled with complexity and the beautiful, simple nature about life, love, and what some believe, the meaning about our existence itself. The music video is about Rin, a 17 year old girl who lives in her own virtual world in complete, heartbreaking solitude. The Crunchyroll description used the phrase "Infinite, beautiful loneliness." She controls the landscape and area around her with a tablet, letting her travel to incredible places and beautiful worlds of her own design. But despite her perfect virtual world, things are not as wonderful as initially thought. To get more details, you'll just have to watch the video.

This music video knocked Reddit and a good portion of the internet off of it's feet, with conversations, debates, and heated discussions popping up across the world as we all attempt to understand what sort of meaning was behind SHELTER.  SHELTER is not an anime series, but rather a music video by American musician Porter Robinson, featuring Madeon. The animation was done by A-1 Pictures, and inspired and styled by Japanese animation. Despite the animation not made to be the main focus, as it is a music video after all, one can't help but admire the beautiful artwork and animation that was put in to the video. The design for Rin is so innocent and simple, but her facial features portray such raw feeling. The way the landscape changes based on what Rin put in to her tablet, the transition process, and the way things come to life is perfect.

I don't believe that there has ever been a video packed with so much life and emotion in just a mere six minutes. I didn't quite understand what all of the hype over the simple music video SHELTER was, but when I finally decided to take just a few minutes out of my life to watch it, I feel like everything has changed. I've been making connections and interacting with people that I haven't talked to in a long time, and it's all thanks to SHELTER. I sincerely hope that SHELTER will be made into a series, or that it will evolve from a short music video to something that we can thoroughly invest ourselves in. A light novel, a series of shorts, an anime, or even companion music videos. There is nothing more in the world that I want more, in this pure moment, than to see more of Rin, her struggles, and to feel that spark of empathy and humanity in myself that SHELTER brings out.

You should watch it if you love music, if you love life, if you love anime, there's a million other reasons. But if you are a human, just like the rest of us, struggling through each day, learning and growing as time passes and you get older. If you are a small, tiny soul, roaming the earth in search for your purpose in life, for love, for something more than what is already here. If you are human. Then you should watch SHELTER.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

At Long Last ~ the Struggles of an Otaku

I've had PandoraHearts on my Crunchyroll Queue for over a year now, but I've finally decided I need to just watch it. So, with my spare time in math class, I'm going to dive in and sacrifice my soul to yet another fandom. I just have a good feeling about this series, I can just sense that this show will find a place in my heart. And possibly at on my bookshelf, my photo gallery, my anime shrine, my cosplay collection... Kami-sama help me, I don't have enough space in my room for all these fandoms

。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 The Struggles of an Otaku 。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。

Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?

Sakamaki Izayoi, Kasakabe You and Kudou Akusa are a few of the various problem children residing across various worlds. They live lives if monotony and boredom, until they receive an invitation that forcefully transports the to the world of Little Garden. There, their host Black Rabbit teaches them more about their 'Gifts', unique powers that they posses, and the endless possibilities of adventure that await them in Little Garden. From clan wars to Gift Battles, the problem children find themselves in a world far different from their previous dull lifestyles. Despite having a foothold on Crunchyroll, Problem Children never really gained as much popularity as it deserved. The artwork and voice actors compliment each other very well, the voices mesh with the characters perfectly, which is sometimes difficult to do. The idea of Gifts and the set up of Little Garden is very interesting, and I would love to see a season two of this series, to go more in depth about the garden and it's various characters. The characters can tend to be cliche, or in Izayoi's case, overpowered and bordering on being a Mary Sue. Despite this it's a really nice series with a twist of mystery.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Recap of Kiss Him Not Me Episode 1 Feels

I can't breath. I
*flails around in a frenzy*
I'm trying to hard to keep it together in class but it's so hard
Serenuma Kae, she's so pretty and awesome, and my hero and otaku goddess
she inspired me to be more open about being a fujoshi
And all the guys are just really attractive my lord
*cries and prays at anime shrine mentally*
I'll set up my shrine again when I get home and pray for the blessings of my anime waifus

Sunday, October 16, 2016

No Game No Life

Sora and Shiro are genius gamers and prodigies, famous on the internet as the all powerful, undefeatable "__", blank. Their legacy and skills are considered to be an urban legend online. But in real life, they're NEETs and truants. One day, the siblings receive a mysterious email and engage in a difficult chess battle with someone named Tet. Tet, upon losing to them at chess, transports them to another world, claiming to be the one true God. The new world they find themselves in is a place where war is forbidden, and all conflicts are settles through games. Upon finding themselves in their ideal world, they use their abnormally good gaming skills to make their way through this new world, and aim to conquer it. I loved the colors in it, the music, and the entire concept is just really interesting. You find yourself addicted to the series in no time!

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy

Kanade Amakusa is cursed with Absolute Choice, a mental power where he's given multiple choices and forced to pick one. His choice will then occur in reality, and generally the choices are odd and make him seem like a total creep. One day he is given the choice to have a beautiful girl fall for him, or to fall from the rooftop in female clothes. When he goes for the first option, he didn't expect for a girl to literally fall from the sky and nearly crush him. Chocolat, the girl who fell from the sky, is somehow involved with Kanade's curse of Absolute Choice, and they begin living together. As they cope with Chocolat's amnesia, and all of the insane choices Kanade has with Absolute Choice, Kanade finds himself surrounded by women falling for him, despite the weird things he has to go perform. I really love just how pretty all of the characters are, and the comedic circumstances created due to Absolute Choice really add flavor to the anime.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016


Kiznaiver is a very in depth anime that follows a group of seven high school students as they're brought together through the Kizna system. Sugomori City used to be a futuristic place that was home to the giant experiment of the Kizna system, which was originally designed to connect peoples feelings, but instead functioned to make a group of people share pain. The experiment was a failure, and the project was shut down. Years later, seven teens who are from completely different groups with no understanding of each other are forced to become Kiznaivers and share each others pain. Agata Katsuhira, one of the participants, in completely unable to feel pain, and together the group goes through emotional highs and lows as they struggle to understand each other and unravel the mystery of the truth behind the Kizna system, and the mysterious girl who seems to hold the power behind the system, Sonozaki Noriko. The opening, along with the theme song, is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. All of the colors as well as character motions are very unique and eccentric, it's definitely not something you'll see in your run of the mill series. It also really delves deeper into the meaning behind the human mind, and the struggle that human beings go through just to connect with each other and understand even though we're different. 


Image result for amnesia otome animeOriginally a visual novel otome game, Amnesia was finally adapted into a series. The series begins with the unknown heroine, who wakes up with no memory of what happened to her, and a spirit named Orion. As she goes through the motions of her daily life and interacts with various men, she finds herself starting relationships with one of the,, dying, going to a new timeline and starting a new relationship with a different one. With no recollection of what happened and why she's continuously going through time, she attempted to piece together her life. Amnesia is a really awesome anime with an amazing soundtrask, as well as stunning designs. The character clothing and eye colors are defintly what drew me into the series, and the fantasy romance mix is what keeps me there. The series ends on what seems to be where you could continue with a specific character route if you were playing the visual movel game, so if you find yourself wanting more you can also endulge in a engaging otome game as well.

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Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Image result for rokka braves of the six flowersWhen the Evil God is about to be resurrected, The God of Fate will choose Six Braves and give them the power to slay the Evil God and save the world. Adlet Meyer is the self proclaimed strongest man in the world, and after challenging some of the strongest warriors and being thrown into jail, he's marked with the petrels that give him the right and power to fight the Evil God. He teams up with another Brave, Princess Nachetanya, and starts the journey to the meeting place for all of the Braves. But when meeting there, they've stumbled across the fact there are seven preset, meaning one of them is a fraud. The story follows the mystery of who the fake is, as well as the background on most of the characters. It ends in a cliffhanger, which would normally signal a second season, but there hasn't been any news of Rokka being continued, despite how popular it became on Crunchyroll. It has a very interesting plot, but the different Saints, powers, and overall character development is somewhat cliche and confusing. The opening song and the graphics are to be appreciated though, and the psychology of it as well.

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Trinity Seven

Arata Kasuga was living what he thought to be a normal high school life, until he's targeted by a mystrerious girl with a gun and his world is destroyed by what is called the "Collapse Phenomenon." His cousin Hijiri disappeared into another dimension, and he was left with a mysterious grimoire. In order to stop the Collapse Phenomenon from occurring again and to save his cousin, Arata goes back with the mysterious girl, Lilith, to Biblica Academy. While there he encounters seven girls who represent the Seven Deadly Sins, and are the most skilled in each of their magic themes. I really loved the art style, and the different branches of magic that the author had developed. It had a very refreshing mix of old school magic tradition as well as modern themes.

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Mob Psycho 100

Image result for mob psycho 100Kageyama Shigeo, AKA Mob, is an Esper, (user of ESP, Estra Sensory Perception) meaning he has the ability to see and exorcise spirits, as well as use other incredible psychic abilities. Even among the other few Espers that roam the world, Mob is possibly the most powerful one to exist. Despite his powers Mob wishes to suppress them and live his life as normally as possible, not wanting to rely on ESP. But whenever his hard to express emotions reach 100%, he goes out of control and strange things happen to him. With secret organizations, competing Espers, and a con artist salt welding odd ball Master, Mob is in over his head and has no idea what to do. And that pretty girl at his school still won't notice him.. Mob Psycho 100 has such a beautiful art style, and the unexpected colors really are eye catching. The plot is really in depth while also having witty humor, and the charaters are amazing. Reigen, Mobs crazy fake Esper sensei, is possibly one of the most oddball yet inspirational con artists I have seen, both in real life and the fandom world. The opening theme song and credits are perfect as well, giving you new things to pick up on every time you watch it and enjoy to hodge podge of excitement in the art.

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To Love-Ru

Yuuki Rito has fallen hopelessly in love with one of classmates, but he thinks she doesn't even know he exists. Then his life changes when alien princess Lala Deviluke appears in his house, and his life is thrown into chaos with Lala's declaration of love to him. Rito then has to deal with various alien suitors challenging him and messing with his life, as well as his incredibly awkward love triangle with Lala and classmate Haruna. The plot is very good, but Lala's personal skills and inventions tend to just pop out of nowhere without much explanation until later in the series, making it slightly confusing at times. Overall a great series, with some really interesting characters.

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Kiss Him Not Me

Image result for kiss him not me
Sometimes, all we want is an anime we can relate to on a spiritual level. But at the same time we also want an exciting, romantic, slice of life series that won't bore us. Thankfully, Serinuma Kae is able to fulfill our requests in the new anime series Kiss Him Not Me! Originally a manga series by Junko, it has finally been adapted. Kae is your stereotypical otaku and fujoshi, meaning she believes that instead of a prince and princess, two princes should be together, while she prefers to observe from the sidelines. When Kae loses a drastic amount of weight when her favorite anime character dies, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of her own harem of all the boys she had previously shipped with each other. She finds herself developing feelings for all of them, as well as another girl who later joins the group. But despite this, she still dreams of a prince with his prince, and constantly tries to get her point across to the boys, kiss him, not me!

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Death Note

Death NoteLight Yagami is a top student, but he switches his priorities when he finds himself in possession of a Death Note, a journal used by Death Gods that causes the death of anyone whose name is written in the book. Armed with the notebook, Light begins to rid the world of criminals by writing their names inthe Death Note, slowly bringing crime to a halt. However, his anonymous rule, with the pseudonym of Kira, has brought about the unhappiness and suspicion of the government. In order to track down Kira/Light, L Lawliet, the worlds greatest detective, is brought onto the case. From here the series goes through twists and turns as a psychological thriller, keeping readers eager for more of the chase between Light and L, both masterminds and men with strong ideals and methods. The anime and manga series is very short, but packed to the brim with content. There have been several live action adapions, as qell as companion films. Definitly a series every anime lover should watch. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Tonari no Seki-kun: Master of Killing Time

Rumi Yokoi is a dedicated student, but her desk neighbor Toshinari Seki constantly distracts her from lessons in what could be considered the most outrageous and creative ways. From full scale wars between chess pieces to volcanic experiments, Seki is a master of killing time. I lovely slice of life anime, with simply drawn characters that still capture the essence of a person. It's a great anime to watch in your down time, and is full of tons of creative ideas for crafts and other projects. It always is a surprise to see what sort of scheme Seki-kun will come up with next, and shock Yokoi displays every time.

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I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying

Image result for i can't understand what my husband is saying
The majority of the slice of life genre anime tend to focus on high school life, but I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying brings in a breath or fresh air, focusing on the marriage and relationship of Kaoru and Hajime. Kaoru is a successful, hard working women, while Hajime is a NEET, otaku, and makes a small amount of money by running a blog. Their marriage can be strained at times, but they love each other enough to pull through any situation. Even in Season Two when the couple is overloaded with their soon to be baby, their relationship is able to hold firm. I very nice series made up of short episodes, but really gives a second wind to marriage and slice of life anime.

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Image result for bananyaWatch Out! Don't eat that banana! Make sure you check and make sure Bananya and his friends aren't inside it. Bananya is a tiny white cat who lives inside of a banana, and goes on small, everyday adventures with his banana cat friends. The episodes are only a few minutes long each, and give you those good feels. It's similar to Poyopoyo in a sense, or Chis Sweet Home, other short cat themed series. The graphics for Bananya are simple yet very aesthetic, and the music is very cute. The Bananya identification guide is fun to look at, since it acts as a sort of gossip book with all the details about the little Bananyas lives. At the end of each episode, there is a cat featured on the show, as to who's cats they are, it's as mysterious as to what Bananyas lower half is.

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Image resultA recent high school graduate, Suzukaze Aoba begins her career at Eagle Jump, a video game production company that designed her childhood favorite Fairies Story. NEW GAME! follows Aoba as she adjusts to her life as an adult, the constant struggle if being a game developer, and her work environment with a deadline rapidly approaching. NEW GAME! has caught the eyes of many, for both it's slice of life goodness, but also the sweet accuracy it provides. When compared to how the game development system works in Japan, NEW GAME! can take the prize for being completely accurate. All of the characters are also just adorable and easy to relate to, especially young Aoba who is struggling to make her mark on a project she truly wants to contribute to. A great anime to watch in your spare time.

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A Sense of Nostalgia - Wishing you an peaceful weekend

As our school week rolls to a close, the rain finally comes and puts a mellow damper over the campus. It's pouring buckets, and the weather predictions are hat it will last through the weekend, and possibly further into next week.
But with this cold, comes a sense of nostalgia for myself, and possibly other people as well. It reminds me of lazy days, when I was still in home school, and my days could be spent wrapped up in several blankets and my hands around a warm cup of tea. My cats would be perched on the bed with me, and our dog would be quietly resting on her pillow. A movie would be playing, or the news, or perhaps I would have my device in hand reading some fanfiction or manga.
With a rainy weekend finally coming around the corner, I want to encourage everyone to enjoy this sense of nostalgia with me and enjoy a fun anime series, curled up in a blanket fort. Maybe you want to catch up on the latest episode of Flip Flappers or Bungo Stray Dogs. You can also indulge in some old classics like Naruto or Sailor Moon. Personally I'll be catching up on Season two of Haikyuu, having fun with New Game and Mob Psycho 100, then maybe spending some time with PandoraHearts or Ushio and Tora if time permits.
If you're interested in watching my line up with me, or just want to chat with someone about the series you're watching, shoot an email to and we can share some of this quiet, damp time.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

Tanaka is an average high school boy, with his best friend Ota. But unlike others, Tanaka has made being listless his life goal, going to extreme measures to make sure he can be listless in peace, while Ota is there to carry him around and make sure Tanaka is properly cared for. The anime series explores the everyday yet exciting adventures of Tanaka and Ota, as well as their various classmates as they deal with their own forms of listlessness and enlightenment. It has been a while since a nice, slice-of-life, feel good anime like this has come around. Amidst all of the shows that tug on your heart strings or take you on an emotional roller coaster of excitement, there aren't very many mellow ones that you can just curl up with on a lazy day, or when you're tired late at night and can't sleep. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless is a peaceful anime that is still able to provide the drama that most anime viewers crave. A wonderful series that I would highly recommend. It may not have all of the adventures and romance and suspense, but it really leaves you feeling better about life in general and satisfied.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Anime Club Has A Problem!

While watching episodes of This Art Club Has a Problem, I realized that this blog has a problem too! I'm not updating and adding content nearly enough, gomen gomen ~
I'll try to keep on top of the blog
- Cat-chan