Friday, September 9, 2016

September 15th Club Configuration Day

Calling all Anime Society Staff members, as well as anyone interested!

This will be a meeting to determine who will be setting up on Club Day September 21st, receiving leadership titles, as well as some briefing on what we will be doing this year and what work we will be doing on our website.

For anyone interested in being on the formal Anime Society staff and helping run the show, please feel free to stop by Room D5 and learn more. Below is a list of the positions who are required to attend the meeting.
  • President
Head of Anime Society and its members. Sets up meetings, events, and anime streaming. Keeps record of all the meetings, maintains the website, gathers sponsors. General manager and room maintenance. 
  • Vice President
Takes the place of the President when absent. Helps with meeting and event planning, assists in anime streaming set up, maintains website. 
  • Secretary 
A member tasked with coming to every meeting to keep track of which members and students join us per meeting, and submitting reports of attendance and behavioral reports. Also watches the clock to allow students and Society Staff to clean up and gather things at least 5 minutes before the bell rings.
  • Marketing Manager
Specifically focuses on spreading the word of Anime Society, and is tasked with making and putting up flyers and posters for the club, as well as delegating the task. Does direct planning with President and Vice-President on how to design and market. 
  • Anime Description Writers
For all of the anime we watch, or want to watch, Anime Society would like to include a list of anime on our site, and with each name a link with our own personal description. (Not mandatory to attend meeting, as most regular members will be asked to do this)
  • Blog updates
Daily updates with what we're doing related to anime, the club, and how our meetings went, as well as the occasional tweaking of formatting when needed. (Not mandatory to attend meeting,