Friday, September 9, 2016

Woohoo, Reached 1000 Watchers!!!!! о(ж>▽<)y ☆

Today, Friday September 9th, The Anime Society blog and website has reached over 1000 watchers and views.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

WOW! How exciting, we've come so far from where we first started last year. We've grown into such a huge and popular club, not only at SLVHS but on the internet with other students who live far away as well.


It sure seems like a long time since we began our Anime Society, as well as the blog. When I took over the club in my Freshman year, the club had been inactive for several years. We started out with a small handful of members, which shrank as the grind of school took up more and more time, making after-school clubs rather unsuccessful. Soon we ended up with only 3-4 members per meeting, sometimes even less. There was the discussion of disbanding the club.


After talking about it and thinking on the matter, the members made a unanimous decision to keep the club running, for all of the people who did enjoy attending and being apart of it. It was a little bit before then that we first started creating the Anime society blog, and right after our bump in the road our website skyrocketed. Thanks to the support of some virtual friends who took great interest in anime, word about our site and how hard we've worked has spread.


Now it's my Sophomore year, and I'm hosting the club again this year, and I'm very proud of how far our work has come. We've went from an inactive club to a functioning, organized group full of so many talented people.


To everyone who has taken an interest in our work, supported us, and given us help when we were really struggling to stay afloat, you have The Anime Society's deep gratitude. It's because of you that we've become who and what we are today. Arigato (Thank You)!

(๑ˊ͈ ॢꇴ ˋ͈)ᵃʳⁱᵍᵃᵗᵒ〜♡॰ॱ