Monday, September 12, 2016

Looking forward to club day

It's a foggy and chilly Monday morning, and the groans of students echo across the campus. For most, Monday is a dreaded day, not to be looked forward to. For the members of the Anime Society, excitement is everywhere. We're all looking forward to our Club Configuration Day as well as the official Club Day. After Club Day is when we can finally officially start our meetings, which I know we all eagerly await. o(*^▽^*)o

Today I picked up some fresh club forms, buckled down and started filling out all the info while looking at our old club records. Now I'm armed with some neatly written forms and a sore wrist, but I'm pretty satisfied with the results. \(;´□`)/

All we have to do now is get them signed by staff, the principal, and club commissioner. I have confidence that it will get approved again this year, but cross your fingers and wish your hard working President some good luck (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑