Friday, September 9, 2016

Japanese Emoticons

Everyone loves fun emoticons, they're a great way to express yourself. ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿
But with the emoji keyboard we get with our phones, sometimes we're limited, or get a little bored with our selection. Fear not, the Anime Society has found a solution!, a fun place to check out for cool tips on how to create your own text based emojis, as well as a broad selection of already created ones. From a variety of emotions, to animals, to your everyday objects, this site has just about anything you'll ever want.

I personally couldn't live without this site, it's just so fun to use to accentuate my emails. My favorite part is the emotion type emojis, they have such a different variety for the positive faces that I feel like I can express myself with a single emoticon without having to say a single word. 

A major pro for this website is that when you're visiting the site in desktop format, it automatically copies whatever emoticon you highlight with your cursor, so no need to take the extra step to cut and copy. A slight con is occasionally when on mobile their format doesn't transition perfectly, so sometimes it cuts off a small portion of the last row on the far right. So far this has only happened twice, ad I use this site daily. 

A wonderful website, mochis to the creators for going out of their way to make some authentic and exciting new emoticons for the various otakus across the world.