Thursday, September 8, 2016

Anime Club is back on track!

A new school year has begun again, and things are hectic as always. But out of all the chaos, Anime Society remains strong and steady. Fun news! Club day will be on the 21st during lunch, and Anime Society will be setting up a table. There will be cosplay, there will be music, there will be prizes. There. Will. Be. Otakus.

But it's very exciting that our club is getting renewed! We're also moving our meeting to Thursdays during lunch in Mr. Laheys room, D5. Shout out to my favorite Freshmen math teacher!!!! Thank you Mr. Lahey for not only hosting Anime Society, but Marine Life Matters every other Wednesday during lunch as well.

This year, we'll be streaming a variety of anime during lunch, so anyone can feel free to stop in and enjoy a new episode of a popular Fall hit, or your favorite nostalgic classic. We'll be meeting weekly, so you can always count on The Anime Society to be your source of steady ground in a crazy sea of new classes and peers.

Our goal this year is to not only attract more anime lovers and potential members, but to create a safe and friendly environment for anyone who wants to learn more about what we do and love. We'll also be hosting fun games and mini contests, cosplay excursions, Pokemon Go meetups, and the occasional Japanese snack taste testing (ノ≧∀≦)ノ.

As always we will continue our discussions about our feelings and thoughts on anime, quiet manga reading time, and last but not least, we'll make sure this Anime Society blog gets the time and care it needs. We've let it collect some dust over the summer, but with our new and improved Anime Society I know that we can do anything!