Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Do you like romance? Blooming flowers? Epic love stories? No? I don't either friend. Yet this wonderful romantic anime has stolen my heart. It starts with the school delinquent Ryu Yamada, who's  completely bored of his school. That is, until he falls on the stairs and switches bodies with the girl he fell with. His adventures continue with her, Urara Shiraishi, as they return to their bodies and learn about the legend of the seven witches at their school. With help from the competing student council president candidates, new friends, and the powers of the witches, maybe their unlikely relationship will work out. The art style for this show is very nice and aesthetic, plus the opening theme song is enough to move you to tears if you watch it with the opening sequence. The complexity of the main characters is refreshing, but some of the minor characters who don't receive much screen time aren't developed very well. But since it focuses on Shiraishi and Yamada, it's not of much concern. It's a nice blend of romance and magic, with the added adventure of the Supernatural Studies Club and their search for the other witches in the school. I highly recommend this anime, it has nice characters and an interesting plot line, although not quite developed enough yet. Here's to hoping for a possible season two with more in depth content!

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