Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Erika Shinohara has a hard time finding things to talk about with her new friends, so she has taken to lying about her romantic life in order to earn respect from them. But over time, they become suspicious about who her boyfriend really is. In order to save her skin, she takes a picture of a random stranger and shows it to them. Unfortunately for Erika, the stranger is Kyoya Sata, an attractive and popular third year. In order to keep the lie going, and not lose face with her new friends, she tells Kyoya of her lie and he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend. but in exchange for him keeping her secret, Erika has to be at his every beck and call, acting like a servant to him. She's horrified that he's really a rude and controlling person, but over time she starts working away at his layers. Slowly Erika falls in love with Kyoya, and accepts the mean spirited sadist person he is. The question is, can they make each other better people?

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