Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summer Wars

Summer Wars is an anime about Kenji Koiso, a male high school student capable of
genius-level mathematics. Takashi Sakuma, is the male friend of Kenji, along with part-time coder in OZ. Natsuki is a girl who abducts Kenji to her great-grandma’s birthday. It's set in around 2015 in the online world of OZ, basically a virtual reality where you can do everything you do in real life, such as file taxes. It also takes place at Natsuki’s great-grandma’s house. (mansion). The World of OZ is endangered by a hacker, bringing life to a halt. *spoilers, so will not reveal rest of plot* I like it because I love computers, especially online realities. I want others to like it because this will probably happen, or at least something like it will, in the future. It popped up in my Netflix DVD queue, and I decided to watch it because of its compelling description.