Thursday, May 12, 2016


Noragami is a fantastic anime marketed by Funimation. There is a high level of
fantasy and supernatural in this anime, living up to its manga version. This anime takes place in the early 2000s in Japan. Yato, a small god (deity) roams Japan in search of fame and fortune, but is soon met by a girl saving him from a bus. He would not have died of course, as he is a god, but the girl was left in an odd state. Hiyori Iki was now part phantom; dark creatures that feed off life and are unseen to the human eye. She is not evil, as other phantoms are, but more so on the edge of her human existence. If she falls into depravity, she's gone. Hiyori and Yato, along with Yato's shinki, Yuki - one of the few souls that have not fallen into depravity - go through thick and thin to save people, and even other gods. The plot is magical. It's filled with adventure, neutral romance, and adorable characters that make you want jump into the anime and squeeze the life out of them! There is no other anime like this that I have ever seen, the idea seems so completely original and lives up to its manga. Noragami was the first anime I've ever seen as well; I was simply scrolling through Netflix when I first saw it. The twelve episodes are filled with awesome, action, and questions that will be solved with time. The second season is unfortunately not on Netflix yet, but is online. Noragami is amazing, heartbreaking, action packed, adventurous, original, funny, and imaginative. Not to mention, the opening songs are catchy~!