Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mekakucity Actors

On August 15th, several lives quietly changed. Kisaragi Shintaro is a NEET, who hasn't stepped outside of his home on two years. His only companion is a cyber girl named Ene who forced her way into Shintaro's computer. After an accident with his keyboard, he's forced to go outside. Unfortunately for him, he's caught up in a store robbery, and has to think on his feet in order to save himself. It's there that he encounter the Mekakushi-Dan, Blindfold Gang. They're a group of teens who wield mysterious eye powers, who are banding together and trying to uncover the secret behind their situation. Mekakucity Actors is also known as Kagerou Project, or Heat Haze Daze. The series was based off of two music albums created by Vocaloid artist Jin. Sung by IA, fans loved his work and the stories it told, and begged him to make it into a series. From there, the anime series and light novels were born. Anthologies for Kagepro haze also been made. The art style is very pretty, the shading is unique and gives it a warm vibe. And, of course, the music is to die for, the opening is one of my favorite songs. It's both tragic and heartwarming, something that's hard to find these days.
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