Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Fate/Zero is based off of the Fate series games by Type Moon. It's a sort of prequel anime to Fate/Stay Night, both the first version and Unlimited Blade Works. It features several different points of views with different characters, and the graphics are to die for. In this world, mages are common place, people with magic circuits inside of them. Magic circuits are like nerves, throughout their body, giving them the ability to use magecraft. In the city of Fuyuki, the Holy Grail War takes place. Seven Masters, generally accomplished mages, are chosen by the Holy Grail to participate in the war. Three command spells appear on their hand, which give them the right and power to control their Servants. Servants are heroes or historical figures that are summoned through time to fight with their Master for the sake of the Holy Grail. The last one standing claim the Holy Grail, and can claim a single wish from the omnipotent wish granter. This is the fourth Grail War, the previous three not having a winner. The Seven Masters emerge, along with their servants, and an intense battle commences. I (Cat) am in love with everything involved in the Fate Series especially Fate/Zero because it explains the events leading up to the popular Unlimited Blade Works anime. I love the character Gilgamesh (makes my heart go doki-doki) but I also love Waver Velvet and Iskander. Waver and Iskander seem to be almost separate from the war. They participate in the battle, but they still have a strong friendship. They support each others dreams, and have each others backs. If you like mind-blowing things, then the Fate Series is for you. Warning, there are some tragic parts.

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