Thursday, May 26, 2016


{For more information on the Fate Series, see the following anime descriptions: Fate/ZeroFate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works}

Set in an alternate world from Fate/Stay Night, the Greater Grail of Fuyaki has been stolen by the magi clan Yggdmillennia, who have separated from Clock Tower and the Association of Magi. The clan has summoned all seven classes of the servants and united them into the Black Faction, planning on keeping the Grail for themselves. After a member of the Association made slight changes to the Grail War system, the Clock Tower was able to summon seven servants of their own, creating the Red Faction. The battle between the two factions commence, all for the sake of the holy Grail. Due to the discord between the groups, the Holy Grail summons a Ruler class servant to serve as a moderator of the war. It's an amazing light novel for the Type-Moon series, and the appearance of Jeanne D'arc (My hero and senpai) was great. There are several blogs that have taken the liberty of translating the novels. The writing style for the novels are inspirational, and have motivated me to write some short stories of my own.