Thursday, May 12, 2016

Black Butler

In Victorian-era England, thirteen year old Ciel Phantomhive is the faithful guard dog of the Queen, owner of the Phantomhive estate, and head of the Funtom toy company. Always at his side is his capable, reliable demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. In order to save himself from terrible circumstances after the death of his family, Ciel formed a contract with Sebastian. Sebastian will be Ciel's loyal butler and do whatever he commands, and help Ciel get revenge on those who have slandered or wronged the Phantomhives. In exchange the demon will get to eat Ciel’s soul. Until then, Sebastian is bound to the young boy. The role of the Phatomhives is to rid the streets of crime and keep a tight hold on illegal activities. With the supernatural powers of Sebastian, he easily dispatches of enemies, until others with incredible abilities start to show up. Black Butler currently has three series, and several OVA's. Another series has recently been announced, which has caused much excitement. The plot line keeps fans on their toes constantly, and while it can be confusing, it's beautifully intricate. The anime is very well made, and the voices in both the sub and dub are well chosen. The manga is also very well drawn. An Anime Society favorite.
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