Thursday, May 12, 2016

Attack On Titan

Set in a post apocalyptic world where giant human eating creatures known as Titans have taken over the lands, this is not an anime for the faint of heart. The only thing protecting the last of the human race are giant walls. The protagonist is Eren Jaeger, a young boy who lost his mom and his home when a giant Titan broke through the first of the three walls, destroying his village. Later, he joined his adopted sister Mikasa and his friend Armen as they join the Scouts, a branch in the army that go outside of the walls to fight Titans. Most consider joining the Scouts a suicide mission, but Eren wants to give it everything he has to fight back against the Titans. As he trains alongside Mikasa, Armen, and his fellow Scouts, Eren has to face the truth about what life on the outside is like, and what he truly is. Attack on Titan can seem like a very over hyped series, but it deserves all of the recognition it receives. I have always believed that some of the most beautiful things are the tragic ones, and AOT proves my point. It's a heartbreaking series, but it is very well made. The manga is incredible, including all of the side arcs. The live action film and the anthology are great as well. It may be a little too intense for some just starting to watch anime, but at some point, every anime fan should watch this series.
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(Also called Shingeki no Kyojin,)