Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill takes place in a world where the Empire rules with an iron fist over the commoners. They murder and torture any innocents who get in their way, and even for the fun of it. Anyone with power has become corrupt. A young boy named Tatsumi comes to the Capital with his two friends in hopes of sending money back to his starving village, but they fall into the clutches of corrupt nobles, and Tatsumi's two friends are killed. He then is saved by Night Raid, a group of assassins representing the revolution who do frontline work for the sake of the people. He is brought into their ranks, and from there they work together to fight against the Empire. In Night Raid there is the swordswomen Akame, scissor master Sheele, genius sniper Mine, string-wielding Lubbock, the armored man Bulat, transforming lion lady Leone, and their leader Najenda. Each possesses an Imperial Arms, weapons and useful tools made through alchemy with materials from legendary Danger Beasts. Only 45 exist, and they're incredibly powerful. Night Raid battles against many others with Imperial Arms, including the Jeagers, formed by the Capital. They also battle against the famous General Esdeath, with an almost unbeatable ice type Imperial Arms. This is such a great anime, with action and adventure everywhere. The characters are lovable which makes it even harder to watch this without crying. Many characters do die, which is heartbreaking. But it's worth it, both the anime and the manga pull you in.