Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kanna and Tohru - Dragon-chan Protection Squad

Tohru and Kanna from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid rubbing noses. It's so cute how Kanna looks up to both Tohru and Kobayashi as parent figures for her, and she's so affectionate towards them. She follows them around, wants to be with them all the time, and really puts her trust in them. She's just a young girl -er, dragon, in this new and unfamiliar world, and being able to trust those two is a big thing for her. Lesson of the day, Kanna is super cute and we should form a Dragon-girl Protection Squad

Waifu of the Week

via Konosuba - God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!
A cute Water Goddess who was dragged into a new world with the protagonist Kazuma, she may be useless sometimes, but she's still one of the highest class waifus.

Berserk Review

There isn't much to say, Berserk is an amazing series, and the 2016 remake is getting the hype it deserves. The opening theme song, along with the shifting art style, really pumps you up for the series. The art style is definitely something that should be checked out, featuring the harder lines and almost sketched out images that one would be hard pressed to find in any other series. The animation, despite being somewhat digital still, actually flows very smoothly. the battle scenes with Guts and huge giant sword are some of the best animated parts of the show.

The character development is also fairly good, although lacking in certain parts. We don't see much development for Casca or Guts, but all of the supporting cast are painted very vividly for the watcher. They evolve from bland people into interesting characters after they encounter Guts. Guts, while he does seem to change from the cold and indifferent black swordsman to someone striving to protect the one they love most, there aren't a lot of drastic changes, which is a shame. The creators had a few good opportunities to add more dialogue for Guts, to explain more about himself and his situation. But most of Guts is left in mystery, which also seems to add to the allure of Berserk.

The themes behind Berserk blows me away. Very rarely does one see a series where the creator is willing to dig deep on sensitive or taboo topics. The selfishness of humans, absurdity of religion, power struggles, and several more. Religion plays a major role in the plot, and while this isn't a shied away topic, it hasn't been presented so aggressively. Being so openly opposed to religion is something many writers and mangaka won't even dare to do, for fear of upsetting and turning away fans.

The lack of explanation through the anime is somewhat of a turnoff. For a new fan such as myself, who hasn't watched the original anime or read the manga (if there is any), it's confusing. But there is a plan for the next arc of Berserk in Spring 2017, which is approaching quickly. As things are now, there's a lot about the series left unsaid, such as the new god who was born, as well as the demonic marks on Casca and Guts. The new season will explain a lot, and is actually very exciting. The vague plot-line as it is now leaves the watcher curious about where the series will go.
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I would definitely recommend this series, it's very interesting and is unlike any other series I've seen before. It has some similarities to Drifters, due to unique artistry and the crude nature of the characters, but Berserk is in a league all of it's own. It's a super bad ass anime, Guts is super cool, and is what I consider one of the best battle action series of 2016.

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